Service Scheduled: Sunday, 1/22/2012 at 1:30 PM

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It is with deep gratitude and appreciation that Pioneer United Methodist Church (PUMC) of Auburn, of which my parents are members, will be hosting the memorial service. Beginning at 1:30 PM, the celebration of Donna’s life will be shared. We all hope that you can attend and, if not, any special memories, thoughts, and prayers that you would like to share can be done so on this site or, if you prefer another method, please send an e-mail to Steve or Linda. Following the service will be a reception at in the Fellowship Hall of PUMC.

PUMC is located at:
1338 Lincoln Way
Auburn, CA 95603

As we are preparing for her services, some people have asked for a a charitable organization to contribute to in Donna’s honor. Lisa (my incredibly thoughtful and supportive wife) reminded us in this busy time that my mom LOVED dogs–labs in particular–and she has always been hoping to find a way to help Cassi. While it may be a while before Cassi is a good candidate for one of the very special dogs from Canine Angels Service Team, we have directly experienced the benefit vicariously through a dear friend’s daughter. To this end, and in lieu of flowers, a tax-deductible donation can be made to Canine Angels Service Team at the following link:  Remember that many companies have matching programs!

There are a few things to click in frames #2 & #3 to help memorialize Donna Weaver to this great organization.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and support. God bless.

Obituary (to appear in Auburn Journal 1/19 & 1/20)

Donna Gale Weaver, age 80, passed away and went to be with Jesus on January 15, 2012 at her home in Auburn, CA. She was surrounded by her family and went peacefully from complications associated with COPD.

Donna was born December 29, 1931 in Chicago, IL to Charles G. and Helen G. May. She attended Blackburn University and earned her Bachelor of Science degree. While there, she met and, upon graduation, married Robert (Bob) Dunning Weaver on June 1, 1953.

Both Donna and Bob are members of Pioneer United Methodist Church in Auburn. Prior to moving to Auburn from Palo Alto, CA, Donna had lovingly raised her two children. She was very active in supporting her children to attain the highest ranks in scouting. She had also worked in the career center of Palo Alto High School to help guide the students to an appropriate career path based on their interests. After her children had both left home to earn their four-year degrees and eventually start their families, she found her passion in training her black Labrador retrievers for obedience and agility, winning awards at competitions. Her involvement with the Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club made an indelible mark for its members past and present.

Married 59 years, Donna is survived by her loving husband, Bob, and two children, Linda (Geneva, IL) and Steve (Auburn, CA). Donna’s sister, Helen Wing, eight years her senior, went to be with our Lord in 2005. Grandchildren: Sara and Philip (Linda), and Nicholas and Cassandra (Steve). Nieces: Laurie, Becky, Wendy, and Jay.

A memorial service will be held at Pioneer United Methodist Church (PUMC) at 1:30PM on Sunday, January 22, 2012. Following the service will be a reception in the Fellowship Hall of PUMC. The church is located at
1338 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603.

In lieu of flowers, a tax-deductible donation can be made to Canine Angels Service Team (CAST) at the following link: CAST raises and trains exceptional dogs for children with special needs, promoting the child’s independence and providing a better quality of life through a canine connection. Their web site is

The family wishes to thank Pioneer United Methodist Church, Sutter Hospice, and all family and friends for their support. Donna will be sorely missed by her husband, children, family, and friends in Auburn (8 years), Palo Alto (31 years), and all other residences throughout the years.


  1. Lucy Tompkin says:

    Dear Steve,

    Donna was such a good person. In the 1990’s, she was a kind, public face of the Deep Peninsula Dog Training Club where I took classes for many years. She and Bob worked hard to support not just the club but also the good work of promoting Responsible Dog Ownership. She and Bob set a good example. Stormy and Crystal were always at her side. Donna encouraged me when I needed encouragement.

    Donna was a fine person, and will be very much missed. Her time on earth was a blessing to us!

    My sincere sympathy to all your family. You are in my prayers.

  2. Dawn Malicoat says:

    Bob, Steve, Lisa, Nicholas, Cassie….Linda, Sarah,Phillip, and Stormy……..

    I bonded with Donna at a church “Ladies Tea.” She and I both hated what that word…TEA…would conjure in your minds. We were not so much the “ladies”…. and we didn’t wear white gloves to tea, and we didn’t expect much from the day. To our delight, we, instead, had an engaging and enlightening conversation over the sweatshirt she wore, with a picture of a black lab. I raised a Guide Dog puppy in 4-H, in high school. I had a golden retriever puppy, my sister had a German Shepherd, but the black and yellow labs were the stars of every class. We 4-Hers coped. My dog, and my sister’s almost graduated. We (they) had medical issues, but not obedience issues. Our dogs could have done what Donna’s dogs did, but they never had the chance. Donna knew labs, and what great dogs can do in competition or as Guides. Later, we saw labs excell as Canine Companions and we accepted (reluctantly) that mixed breeds ( with Lab and Golden genes) could be trusted as superior companions for those in need. We would still defend the Labrador Retriever as a superior dog who could do whatever was asked. The Golden is simply a curly, blond version of same intellect and performance…..:)

    But, more than that, what I could not speak at her memorial service today, is that Donna and I were friends. She was old enough to be my mother, but she and I were….Girlfriends…from the very start. She had the smarts to go to college and find a worthy mind in a man, and marry him and start a family. She was a mother, one that a mother of my age could look up to, having been seriously involved in every aspect of her children’s lives and pushing and pulling for achievments that exceeded average expectations. There was no such thing as …average…in the Weaver household…excellence..was a given…for all of them. I loved that.

    Donna was as strong and tenacious. She was poised and focused and she still asked probing questions in our Bible study, as Pastor Joan noted. She mentored me like a wise mother, given our age difference. She lived a life that took charge of challenges, looked for victory over circumstances, and mastered the art of teaching the basics, whether she was helping her children, or the school PTA, making changes in the standards of dog obedience, or helping her grown children cope with their own challenging lives as adults. She was resiliant and needy when she faced medical challenges, but she was not afraid to ask for my help. As a friend, and a nurse, I admired her for asking and following through with the demands of her recovery.

    Most of all, Donna so loved her life. She differed with her wonderful husband, as many of do, but, she knew, and said out loud to me, that she had been so blessed by her life with Bob. She loved and cherished him so very much. She told me how much she appreciated his love and devotion, and the family that they had raised; and the extended family that crowned their life. A family trip to Alaska a few years ago cemented the joy that they had created by joining; and creating a fabulous family of gifted, talented, loving, and caring individuals. Many a parent, these days, is robbed of, or does not have the opportunity, to ever see and say….this family…is my greatest joy; my greatest achievement. WE are so blessed!

    Bob and Donna had a chance to see and say to themselves, and to others….We did this! We love this! This gives us great joy! God has blessed us, richly!

    I had the privilege of singing beautiful music for my friend, Donna today. In the words of St. Paul, to the Phillipians…

    I thank my God when I remember you…(Donna)…for he has blessed my life with yours.

    Thank you, God of the Universe….Thank you…for Donna and her love for all of us!
    …love, dawn
    and to your family….I am always just a phone call away…..:)

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