Accessible Equipment

EASE provides a wide range of specialized equipment to help get in and out of home, facility, business or church.  Here are just some of the products we have available:

Ceiling Track

Continuous track or room-to-room transfers with OR without cutting the door frame.  Our ceiling tracks provide full accessibility for every area of your home.  We have portable versions, too!

MoLift Smart LiftFloor Lift

Under 60 pounds, this portable floor lift comes apart into two pieces, making it even easier to take with you.  But don’t let its small size fool you; it’s capable of lifting 330 pounds!

Pool/Spa Lift

The lowest repair rates in the industry, these pool and spa lifts allow the user to have access to the fun or therapy in the water, either with a caregiver or by yourself.  And, of course, there’s a portable version.

Platform Lift

With its ability to lift a person in their wheelchair, a platform lift is the best choice for lifting a person and even their groceries.  Heights from 12 inches to 12 feet, these lifts can answer all your needs.

Stair Lift

With indoor and outdoor versions, this type of lift can get you where you need to be with the push of a button.  These models come standard with a battery, providing for smooth ascent and descent, with access even during power outages.

Bath & Shower ChairsShower Buddy shower chair

Access the bath or shower without the expense or time of remodeling.  The innovative design allows for use of the existing bathroom, giving full cleaning access of the loved one.


Threshold ramps of many styles and heights are available.  Modular ramps provide an economical, and movable, solution to gaining access to a home or business. Our favorite are rubber threshold ramps because they do not make noise, do not shift, and look like a door mat… awesome!

Fall Prevention

The adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” applies to falling.  These should help…

Bath grab bar from Invisia CollectionGrab Bars & Poles

Simple to elegant, we have a wide range of grab bars to complement your decor.  We carry a special line of safety enhanced bathroom accessories from the Healthcraft Invisia collection that are not only functional, but an attractive addition to any bathroom.  Other standing and repositioning aides are available.

SleepSafe Beds

The best and most aesthetically pleasing way to protect your loved one.  This bed system meets or exceeds the FDA guidelines on entrapment and falls and minimizes the risk of limbs getting caught between the mattress and sides of the bed.

Accessibility Remodeling

Turning your house into an accessible home, both functionally and elegantly.

Door Openers, Hinges, & Widening

Any typical hinged door can be opened and closed automatically at the slight touch of a button, made wider with swing-clear hinges, and widened as needed.  We’ve got the best products on the market.

Custom Ramps

Want a concrete or aesthetically pleasing ramp made?  No problem!  All of our construction is structurally sound and designed to be low maintenance.

Roll-in Showers & Walk-in Baths

The most convenient and elegant of all solutions: roll-in showers with no thresholds or curbs to navigate.  Or a bathtub that you can walk into.  Heated floors an options, too!  Who said living with a disability meant ‘functional remodeling’ only?!?

Home Automation

What does anyone want to do?  Have control over their environment.  With our home automation equipment, you can control just about anything in the home.  This includes, but it is definitely not limited to: lights, ceiling fans, doors and door locks, window blinds, televisions and DVDs, beds, and anything that runs on electricity!  The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Service Area

EASE physically serves the greater Sacramento area and surrounding counties and communities, including as far as the Bay Area, Oregon border, Modesto, and Reno, Nevada. Virtually, we can serve anyone anywhere. We can consult with you, your OT/PT, or contractor to develop and supply a solution that is suited for your wants and needs.  Contact us today and see what we can do for you!